SMKTMR Sport's Carnival 2011

SMK Taman Mutiara Rini 
I'm one of the student there's (:
The school that I spend my time laughing with my friends .
On 2July 2011
7.30am - 1.30pm

Started With Larian kecergasan 1 Malaysia .
Then Tarian 1 M that show's by SMKTMR student & teacher .
Fun & Enjoyable !
After that Acara Sukan .
Sembang sakan with : 
Ikmal , Vie, Eyqa, Akmal, Ayyu, Hanin, Ariff, Aiman 
& Lain-2 
Maaf to many HEE .
Those some picture with my friends enjoying a perfect school sport's carnival !

Thanks Reading . Jangan Lupa Follow Kay ♥